Skeppy Vs BadBoyHalo ESCAPE ROOM Build Battle - Minecraft
BadBoyHalo struggles against Skeppy in the Ultimate Escape Room Build Battle


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Today BadBoyHalo and I face off in a timed Escape Room Build Battle Challenge :D I even gave Bad an advantage over me so if he messes this up it is totally his fault. I mean, dying in Creative Mode? Really? LMAO. Creating a Maze was actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be but I think I did a pretty good job overall. These videos with Bad are always so fun to make so if you enjoyed please hit this video with a like and we'll do more fun challenges like these :D
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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of an Escape Room Build Battle

  • Baby Boss
    Baby Boss

    16:04 25:11

  • Ezekiel Gomez
    Ezekiel Gomez

    It’s getting boring

  • Paul Faducci
    Paul Faducci

    The squeamish british notably protect because sing dewailly wash unto a grubby gruesome friday. rhetorical, omniscient pie

  • Clare 1111
    Clare 1111

    badboyhalo wins

  • Princy Telson
    Princy Telson

    Skeppy x badboyhalo

  • Alexander Gamel
    Alexander Gamel


  • Karla

    23:11 I haven't laughed this hard in a long time

  • Lizzard plays RBLX
    Lizzard plays RBLX

    7:13 ITS 6

  • Irma Joan
    Irma Joan

    The thoughtless distributor roughly drag because opinion additonally spot under a pricey riverbed. bashful, untidy thumb

  • Sasha Vasquez
    Sasha Vasquez


  • annie younng
    annie younng

    I was busting out laughing like so many times because he kept on falling on the parkour ✋😂

  • Pup123

    Do a FaceCam or do a face reveal

  • NateDogg7543

    wait how is 6/2(1+3) = 1? Its 9 because you do 1+3 first then you divide 6/2 then multiply 3 x 3 = 9

  • angela chen
    angela chen

    Bad’s escape room:14 14 14 14. Skeppy’s escape room:*intense*

  • Javier Quinones
    Javier Quinones

    OMG i forgot about 14 oop

  • The Mayes and Walt together company
    The Mayes and Walt together company

    My name is Mayes

  • Lauren Dunaj
    Lauren Dunaj

    bbh wHAT THE ???? !!!!

  • katosefon gaming
    katosefon gaming

    prodigy modafukas 7:40

  • Abel Garcia
    Abel Garcia


  • PRABHAV THAKUR Batch of 2012
    PRABHAV THAKUR Batch of 2012

    That "haan" at 11:17 was hilarious 😂😂

  • *_Ash_*


  • *_Ash_*


  • *_Ash_*


  • Dylan Lucas Leif Piojo
    Dylan Lucas Leif Piojo

    "ThIs WiLl tAkE YoU AlL dAy" *Badboyhalo sturgilling to beat skeppys maze* Also skeppy took 6 mind to finish bbh's maze

    • dablueshimp and Sarah
      dablueshimp and Sarah


  • Dylan Lucas Leif Piojo
    Dylan Lucas Leif Piojo

    Idk why but I like FIbillrs that like they bring their youtuber friends and put them in they're hard obby like suffering or something idk why but I do

  • the epic tiktok in the world
    the epic tiktok in the world

    Badboyhalo obby is easy zoom out okay skeppy

  • Daniel Anjelo Tactaquin
    Daniel Anjelo Tactaquin

    Has anyone know every vid the intro skeppy is in diamond biom

  • Dylan Lucas Leif Piojo
    Dylan Lucas Leif Piojo

    Congrats on 7M subs!

  • Schenley F. Macalisang
    Schenley F. Macalisang

    25:58 No ones gonna talk about bbh said what the fackq?

  • Veiko Messing
    Veiko Messing


  • Lexi jamez Juarez
    Lexi jamez Juarez

    Skeppy have the best maze

  • John Noriel
    John Noriel

    0:45 badboyhalo afk ahahhag thats funny

  • Bella Kittelson
    Bella Kittelson

    Wait what is 14 :(

  • Bondrewd the novel
    Bondrewd the novel

    someone has to compare deaths.

  • Laura Martinez
    Laura Martinez

    Hahahaha hehehehe



  • dasa

    Badboyhalo you don't win skeppy win

  • Tanya Teetaert
    Tanya Teetaert

    tommy has more subs

  • Gamer Bros
    Gamer Bros

    6/2(1+2) = 9...

  • David Alexander Shore
    David Alexander Shore

    When does this video come out

  • NinjaPixieLily Hi
    NinjaPixieLily Hi

    Um skeppy... check you math the answer is 9

  • Shardei Perez
    Shardei Perez


  • Dia Fernandez
    Dia Fernandez

    25:49 bbh sounded like he sweared so skeppy corrected what he actually said in a subtitle 👀

  • Hilario Hinton
    Hilario Hinton

    Bbh is a potato

  • Christy Kirby
    Christy Kirby

    The answer is 6


    the thig is that there is a wall on the parkour so it slows the player down

  • Ayan GamingYT
    Ayan GamingYT

    22:15 cutebabyboyhalo 🥺🥺

  • Quinten van Velzen
    Quinten van Velzen


  • Zevrolt

    Gotta laugh when bbh says the f word

  • Holly O'Hanlon
    Holly O'Hanlon

    “RoAsTy ToAsTy” 😹

  • Minecraft Family
    Minecraft Family


  • 🍒Cherry_Playz🍒

    The answer is 9 First of all the parenthesis means to multiply 6/2=3 1+2=3 3x3=9

  • Ananya Khanna
    Ananya Khanna

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lol go win skeppy

  • Jhead1910v2 Yes
    Jhead1910v2 Yes

    When he said put the ladders back it sounded like wtf

  • Weasley Wicked
    Weasley Wicked

    Not Skeppy making 💙💚 lel

  • Miesels


  • Joona Koskinen
    Joona Koskinen

    1:13 Lmfao awful voice crack

  • Jack Yang
    Jack Yang

    *skeppy pranking BBH* BBH: Wat the fack

  • Jack Yang
    Jack Yang

    *Skeppy pranking BBH

  • XxIzzybeezxX

    Anyone notice this.. 25:32 “BadBoyHalo tried to swim in lava to escape skeppy.” 😂🤣🥲

  • XxIzzybeezxX

    BadBoyHalo: “Roastie toastie” 😅😂

  • Jack Dedics
    Jack Dedics

    it was actually 9

  • venjance2015


  • Brandon Stoll
    Brandon Stoll

    lol i rewinded and paused for like half an hour laughing at his math

  • Lynx

    Y was it the number 14? I don’t remember the meme of it!

  • Lynx

    His math problem was wrong the answer was 6

  • ambazhm afqmlsg
    ambazhm afqmlsg

    skeppy got his own math question wrong lol lmao

  • Elodie Pett
    Elodie Pett

    The symptomatic beet broadly snow because journey longitudinally cross via a strange draw. well-made, bustling smoke

  • Frienderman

    There are actually 2916 combinations for bads maze

  • Odiasa Muhabian
    Odiasa Muhabian


  • Anime Chaser
    Anime Chaser

    Bbh cussed

  • Makenna Tyles
    Makenna Tyles

    the sad thing is the amount of people arguing in the comments about how the answer is actually 1 (for those of you thinking this, its really not)

  • Anime Chaser
    Anime Chaser

    Ayo skeppy didn’t put it right this is how you do it 6/2+(1+2)= Or 6/2:(1+2)

  • Agnieszka Kot
    Agnieszka Kot

    Skeppy really got his own math problem wrong

  • Agnieszka Kot
    Agnieszka Kot

    3:29 green and blue = dnf

  • EliPlayer21

    if i trick you, like this comment *

  • Gamingpc

    No wonder bars name is badboyhalo he is EVIL

  • Minh Ly
    Minh Ly

    Congrats on 5 mil subs!

  • surendra munikar
    surendra munikar

    S take 1 hour

  • Isaac Finney-Jackson
    Isaac Finney-Jackson

    I got a five year old and they build it take that muffin head

  • Matt Cabuyao
    Matt Cabuyao

    Why badboyhalo die always in lava and keep in his maze is very easy is 1414

  • Duckies 52
    Duckies 52

    the answer is 1, not 9

  • chrisbrian

    I keep laughing at skeppy having a math problem but it's wrong hahhhahahah

  • Mike Florea
    Mike Florea

    People ask how Skep got 1 (which is incorrect). Short answer: He got 1 by multiplying 2 with 1+2 first. (so it would be 6 divided by 6) As BBH said, we gotta follow the order of operations. From left to right, the division is the first thing we see so we should do it first, then comes the multiplication. Ofc, *if and only if* it was like 6 / [ 2 ( 1 + 2 ) ] then it would be obviously 6 / ( 2 * 3 ) , and consequently 6 / 6 , which = 1. Having proper math characters would've helped - i.e. the division horizontal line - it would point out exactly which variables would be divided... but since we don't have those in unicode (or if we do? spacing or breaking the line to align stuff properly would be hard), we have to (over)use parantheses to indicate the proper order. Have a lovely day, and eat your cereal.

  • Lordy Majesty
    Lordy Majesty


  • Lordy Majesty
    Lordy Majesty

    5:01 bbh your laugh is weird I like skeppyz laugh it better idk why -.-

  • Kylle Anthony Oporto
    Kylle Anthony Oporto

    r.i.p skeppy and badboy halo friendship lol

  • kiran selvaraj
    kiran selvaraj

    The funniest thing about this was that the answer was actually 9 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Youssef Khalil
    Youssef Khalil

    Ahhh (in relaxation) nothing like watching bbh suffer for 29 mins on a saturday

  • John Aldrey Balbarino
    John Aldrey Balbarino

    Your the new DanTDM (Bc Dan is obsessed with diamonds and since he is having surgery this dude is gonna be our DanTDM for now)

  • Ingmara Jurnaite
    Ingmara Jurnaite

    Idk but i think skeppy got his own math problem wrong bcz i took a calculator it sia the awser is 2 x

  • BIC

    Badboyhalo is a loser

  • Holt F.
    Holt F.

    When you google the answer to 6/2(1+2) and it is actually 9.

  • Yaritzxa Roux Mandapat
    Yaritzxa Roux Mandapat

    :0 ok

  • andrewsatx

    6/2(1+2) = 6/2(3) = 3(3) = 9

  • Perusing Person
    Perusing Person

    BBH a was so dumb at skeppys Maze

  • Pìo Robot
    Pìo Robot

    The math cuestión: I think the answer it’s 5 correct me if it’s wrong please

  • Aaron Benito
    Aaron Benito

    14. 14

  • Aaron Benito
    Aaron Benito


  • RaGe

    ummmmm 6/2(1+2)=9 lol